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Weight Watchers Design Principles

  1. Personas

    Design for Weight Watchers members illustrated by product personas

  2. Experience

    Design for the entire product experience rather than isolated needs

  3. Context

    Keep context in mind – where’s the member coming from and where are they going

  4. The 80%

    Optimize the design for the 80% use case - most members most of the time

  5. Simplicity

    Design for simplicity while supporting functionality, visual language and brand

  6. Patterns

    Design within the current product patterns when possible

  7. Extensibility

    Create new patterns when existing patterns don’t solve a new problem. New patterns should be consistent and extensible.

  8. Platform

    Patterns should follow the native platform while still serving the brand

  9. Hierarchy

    Clearly define hierarchy and level of detail on each screen - focus on the main objective

  10. Empathy

    Design with member empathy