You don’t need to be a giant organisation or a famous designer and author with 72.4 million followers on Twitter to submit a set of personal Design Principles.

The objective of this community is to build a resource we can learn from. There’s not much value in a repository filled with 100s of examples of generic principles so here are some basic guidelines:


Submissions need to contain the following:

  • A set of original Design Principles
  • A source article, blog post or canonical page listing a set of design principles in full detail. A source article would contain something about how you or your team came up with these principles. What you learnt. What worked, what didn’t work. How do you follow these principles? Have these principles made your process better? If so, how? Overall we want to know the story behind how you created your principles.

Here are some great examples of those that do this:

You can submit examples from other individuals, companies or teams that you think would be useful to the community as long as you follow these guidelines and provide a source that helps us get more insight into the story behind the principles.

For more information and documentation about how to submit take a look at the GitHub page.

Help needed

Each set of principles in examples is comprised of a number of things. For example:

  • Overview
  • Summary of each principle
  • Source URL
  • Author/creator

If any of these things are missing you’ll see a “Help needed” message at the bottom of the page highlighting which things are missing.

If you want to help visit the GitHub page for more info.


Take a look at the roadmap and feel free to comment or add suggestions.