Submitting or editing design principles in the collection

If you wish to submit a new example or edit an existing example there are two ways.

  1. Submit an example or suggested edit via a short form
  2. Submit an example or make an edit via pull request on GitHub.


Submissions need to contain the following:

  • A set of original Design Principles
  • A source article or blog post listing a set of design principles in more detail. Along with the principles themselves, a source article would contain something about how you or your team came up with these principles. Consider a few of the following questions:

    • How did you decide on what your design principles should be?
    • What you did you learn?
    • What worked, what didn’t work?
    • How do you follow these principles?
    • Have these principles made your process better?
    • If so, how?

You don’t need to cover all these things in detail. Overall we want to know the story behind how you created your principles.

Here are some great examples of those that do this:

You can submit examples from other individuals, companies or teams that you think would be useful to the community.