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U.S. Web Design System

  1. Make the best thing the easiest thing

    The U.S. Web Design System is the easiest path for teams around the federal government to comply with the latest federal policy for websites and digital services. The Design System supports modern web development practices, such as mobile first and responsive frameworks. By offering open-source, quick-to-download code and assets, the Design System makes it easy to deliver the highest-quality government websites to the public.

  2. Offer accessibility out of the box

    Every asset we offer should meet the high accessibility standards outlined in Section 508. For teams that need to customize the Design System to meet their agency needs, guidance will be offered to ensure any extensions and customizations that are made comply with Section 508 guidelines.

  3. Design for flexibility

    Our patterns and designs are easy to adapt to support the diverse scope and needs of government digital services. The tools and components provided in the Design System are focused on performance, both from a technical and team based point of view. To ensure this, everything should be validated for the user by the user. The Design System wants to empower teams across to government to make the statement “good enough for government work” mean something again.

  4. Showcase benefits for agency and users

    Teams around the government should easily be able to find inspiration from among their peers. This inspiration can jumpstart many teams own efforts but also lay the groundwork for making the business case for adopting the U.S. Web Design System. We will catalog the successes of the Design System and its users both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  5. Reuse, reuse, reuse

    Teams should not be burdened with recreating basic components and patterns for every new product they create. The tools, patterns, and components present in the Design System will be a comprehensive collection of tried-and-true assets that reflect industry best practices. This will enable teams to focus on the unique aspects of their product to ensure the general public is getting the best possible service.