The Ten Principles of Interaction Design

Inclusive Design is where innovation and imagination flourish. Meeting the needs of the widest variety of people does not inhibit creativity. It opens our minds and inspires excellence.

  1. Equitable: Be welcoming.

  2. Flexible: Provide options.

  3. Straightforward: Be obvious and not ambiguous.

  4. Perceptible: Don’t assume anything.

  5. Informative: Be timely, predictable, uncomplicated and precise.

  6. Preventative: Provide easy to follow instructions and gently guide users.

  7. Tolerant: Handle errors respectfully.

  8. Effortless: Don’t make demands or place restrictions on your users.

  9. Accommodating: Be approachable, uncluttered and give people room to manoeuvre.

  10. Consistent: Follow standards, guidelines, conventions and best practices.