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Telus Design Principles

  1. Clear and simple designs

    • Promote the brand aesthetic
    • Reduce complexity by constraining choices
    • Ensure customers can complete task on first attempt
    • Leverage usability heuristics

  2. Respect our customers

    • Ensure decisions are informed by analytics and research
    • Designs should be accessible and usable to all
    • Don’t hide information that customers need to achieve their goals

  3. Support the business

    • Balance business goals with customer needs
    • Design for scale

  4. Be efficient

    • Design with consistency by leveraging TDS
    • Look for similar design patterns first
    • All designs need to work within the platform

  5. Measure

    • Designs should have a measurable hypothesis
    • Leverage analytics
    • Test and iterate upon your designs

  6. Mobile first

    • Design for small screens first before moving onto large screens
    • Through responsive and adaptive design, ensure experiences are great across multiple screen sizes

  7. Seek the perspective of others

    • Collaborate by involving cross-functional team members
    • Ensure design is technically feasible and understand how it impacts performance
    • Share your ideas early and often to explore many different solutions and iterations

  8. Think end-to-end

    • Experiences should move a customer towards their goal, leaving no dead ends
    • Support and enable multichannel experiences
    • Test the end-to-end experience to ensure continuity

  9. Align with TELUS standards

    • Accessibility
    • Privacy & Security
    • Performance
    • Brand
    • Content