My Design Principles

Leigh Howells' personal design principles taken from Paul Boag's podcast episode "Is Now the Time to Establish Your Design Principles?"

Overview by benbrignell

  1. Focused

    Reduce, remove, reduce copy, keep the information architecture shallow, create limited cause to actions, don’t overcomplicate things in technology, focus on the top tasks, not features that people don’t want, and probably lots of other things, and make our design focused on what it’s about, what the site’s about.

  2. Inclusive

    Include accessibility guidelines, being responsible, including different users and different devices, performance is part of being inclusive, making sure that people with older devices don’t get hammered, so things degrade gracefully. People on slow connections, we have to include them, and older machines.

  3. Aware

    Be aware of the brand of the client, data analytics, the client needs all together, making sure we collaborate with them. The top tasks of their audience, we’ve got to be aware of those. Aware of the users’ challenges, and aware of things like design trends in their industry and what are their competitors doing. So, we’re always making sure that we’re aware of all this stuff.

  4. Flexible

    We have to not be precious in our designs. We have to kill our darlings when we need to. Don’t hold things to heart. We need to be flexible to get rid of things. Be flexible by building things in a component based kind of way, so things are literally flexible and they can be used in different positions, and being flexible with clients, so when they have new needs, we’re flexible with what they want to achieve.

  5. Kind

    If you’re kind, you’re not tricking people with dark patterns, you’re not confusing people with just weird design choices and design patterns. You’re not making life hard for people, for mobile users. You’re not making people wait around for stuff to appear.