Privacy-first principles: Get $10 credit today with Fathom Analytics. Find out more. UX rules

  1. Optimise for the common case

  2. Build tools that focus on meeting one simple need

  3. Build tools for users without experience

  4. Users needs are not always the same as the features they ask for

  5. One action per page

  6. Context is more important than consistency

  7. Optimise for average user's return rate

  8. Make pages functionally readable

  9. Only tell people things once per page

  10. Contextual help is best

  11. Let people teach themselves

  12. Keep the user path as short as possible

  13. Make decisions for people

  14. Make people confident in their actions

  15. Pages make sense before and after action

  16. State should always be maintained between pages

  17. Make sure pages content can be linked to forever