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Mendeley Experience Principles

  1. Empowered

    Where we can, we should inspire creativity in their workflow, and inspire new ways of researcher thinking through content discovery.

  2. Confident

    Our users are tackling the world’s biggest problems. Where we can, we should inspire trust in our content and data.

  3. Considered

    Our users are inundated with content. Let’s be as relevant and helpful to them on an individual basis as we can.

  4. Organised

    Our users have so much to keep on top of. Where we can, let’s bring order to the madness.

  5. Calm

    Our users have such a disconnected workflow. We should help them out with this and connect the dots where we can.

  6. Connected

    Our users should feel like they are ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, that they’re part of a bigger picture, and that they can connect with people from across the world.