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The Key Minimalist Graphic Design Fundamentals

  1. A simple design for a simple idea

    The message has to be clear, simple and strong. A minimalist design is only achieved through an effective message. Inversely, if the message is lame or obscure, a minimalist design will not help. The result will be confused, poor, even worthless. Through a minimalist design, it is a simple idea that becomes obvious.

  2. Remove, remove, remove… but not everything

    A minimalist design has to be simple but not simplistic. A minimalist design does not occur to the detriment of the message that it supports. Facilitating the reading and giving meaning is what minimalist design is all about.

  3. Emptiness not nothingness

    Minimalism embraces the concept of emptiness. Emptiness is not nothing, laziness or a space that is wasted. It is a powerful something that permits to highlight a limited number of elements that are necessary and sufficient.

  4. Minimalism is a commitment

    In order to make minimalist design, a calm, considered, organized work is necessary. But it is something you can practice everyday and not just in design application. It is an attitude. Whatever you do, try to make it simple, without hysteria.