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GEL Westpac

  1. Customer centricity

    Across our business, everything we do starts with the customer at the centre. It means every single process and every single practice should be built from the customer’s perspective.

  2. CX design

    Our CX design principles will help your solutions reflect the core expectations for our customers and brands.

  3. Responsive Design

    Only with a thorough understanding of why responsive design is the right approach can you confidently influence the project to do the right thing by our customers in adopting it.

  4. Accessibility

    We should always practice inclusive design. Your design solutions should be AA compliant with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. This is both a social obligation and a legal requirement.

  5. Multi-brand

    We’re a multi-brand organisation. We need to be smarter in the way we think about design, re-using wherever possible to achieve more with less effort.

  6. Our values

    We don’t just pay lip service to the concept of values we take our values seriously. They have real, practical relevance to your work and workplace.