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Domain's Design Principles

  1. What Am I Solving?

    Effective designers are, at their core, great problem solvers. When kicking off a project it is up to us to first define the problem we are solving. If we don’t understand what problem we are solving, how can we expect to design an effective solution to it?

  2. Do I Need This____?

    This is a question we should be asking ourselves at every stage of the design process. Is this feature something the user wants or needs? Will this element improve usability?
    Does this help or hinder the user experience? Will the design still work without this element?
    Do I need this____? We want designs that consist of everything the users need and nothing they don’t. By constantly asking ourselves whether a bit of functionality or a design element is necessary, we are working towards that ideal.

  3. Where Is The Love?

    We are sometimes guilty of taking Minimum Viable Product to its extreme — stripping a product of everything loveable in the name of shipping fast. We want our users to love using our products, so we need to make sure that we deliver loveable products. Meet the Minimum Loveable Product.