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Digital Surgeon's Design Principles

  1. Connected thinking.

    Seek inspiration by drawing from all sources of knowledge, experiences, and observable behaviors in the world around you. Find patterns. Connect the dots. It’s this fusion of ideas and thinking that will enable you to see things differently and use the ordinary to create something extraordinary.

  2. Ideas are nothing without execution.

    Anyone can come up with ideas, but what separates the few from the many are those who can bridge heart, hustle, and knowledge to turn thoughts into actions that drive change.

  3. One input creates at least two outputs with an outcome.

    Making a dent in the universe comes down to how you swing the hammer. What’s one thing can you do right now that will divide your effort and double your impact?

  4. Understand energy and amplify it.

    Energy is everything. Your ability to change, alter, or augment it in any situation gives you the power to create the outcome you seek.

  5. Stack thinking, not features.

    The best design is radical simplicity. It’s easy to understand on the surface, but thoughtfully complex at heart. Remember, less is always more.

  6. Resilience is your roadmap.

    Everyone has a story, a struggle, or a challenge that defines them. The grit that keeps you moving forward will drive your willingness to learn, adapt, and answer what comes next.