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Buzzfeed Product Design Principles

  1. Delight with speed

    Use design to make our products feel fast and responsive.

  2. Keep it fresh

    Use bold, high-contrast designs to bring focus and clarity to key actions or information, and to represent BuzzFeed’s youthful brand.

  3. Know the goals

    When designing, whether in sketches, wireframes or multiple high-fidelity options, our work should always reflect the product goals.

  4. Consider the ecosystem

    Design modules and write copy with an awareness of all the places they may show up, as well as which types of BuzzFeed content they may appear with.

  5. Design with the platform

    Balance native platform elements and patterns with BuzzFeed’s own design patterns and content. Our products should behave natively, while remaining uniquely BuzzFeed.

  6. Advocate for our users

    It’s our responsibility to understand our users’ needs, as well as to advocate for them with our teams and in our work.

  7. Pair simplicity with delight

    Design purposeful interfaces that favor usability, while also infusing delight through color, animation and language.

  8. Design for scale

    Design with an eye toward the future of our products. Value flexible, scalable designs that can quickly evolve alongside our content.

  9. Learn, learn again

    Know the data surrounding your product well enough to discuss, describe and deeply inform your design work. Constantly validate your ideas through A/B testing or qualitative analysis.